Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Welcome to My Blog

Hello, like it says in the description I started this blog around the fall of 2010, After getting a copy of SVR2010 earlier in the year and playing it for a while and not really enjoying it as much as SVR09, I decided to write THQ a letter and tell them what I thought of it That letter became the very first and probably the most important post
entitled: How they ruined Smackdown VS. Raw
I submitted the letter to the "Product Feedback" section of the THQ website.

After the Letter was submitted I needed a place to store it and share it with others,
along with other things such as my following thoughts about THQ/WWE, their responses
and other people's opinions, I set out to look into various things and talk to more players
and this blog just grew and grew to what it is now.  I know it is alot to read but also
alot of thought and peoples concerns went into it. 
As you read the articles I do hope you find this both enjoyable and informative
all information was correct at the time it was typed/posted and all opinions
are unedited, genuine and honest.
Also please excuse any possible bad grammar. thank you..

Blogger puts things from oldest to newest  but this is the order they should be in:
Part 1:  How they ruined Smackdown VS. Raw
Part 2:  WWE'12: Bigger, Badder, Better...and more Biased?!?
Part 3:  Who's to Blame?
Part 4:  WWE, THQ and the Diva Disaster.. 
Part 5: My thoughts and Feedback on WWE'12 (thus far)
Part 6:  The Failure of the Gender Restrictions in WWE'12

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